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Getting Higher Turnover – Services

This is an extract from a business development for small businesses that BW Bookkeeping and Project Solutions has compiled.

The most important tip with selling services is that every member of staff is ‘in sales’. Whenever a customer speaks to someone from your business, they are given a positive impression or a negative one. The receptionist answering a call can be just as important as the business owner when it comes to making the customer feel important.

As with selling products, it is important that staff understand it is customers who pay their wages – no customers would mean no staff!

The best place to start is to look at what happens in the business today, when a potential customer rings/emails. Does the phone get answered straight away? Does the person answering the phone/email have the information they need to deal with customers? Training may be needed to make sure that each time a potential customer contacts your business, they go away happy and if possible, signed up as a new client!

Sometimes higher sales can be as straightforward as increasing prices and selling more services to existing customers. We can all worry too much about increasing prices, and end up undervaluing our own offering. Look at what you are providing and what it is worth to the customers.

Make sure your sales and marketing are on the same page. Don’t be offering discounts in your marketing materials and trying to increase prices offered by the sales team. Don’t be marketing new services that the sales team are not aware of as you do not want to sound ill-informed if someone enquires. The business needs to have an overall strategy so that everyone is working together.

Opening times need to be considered to make sure you and your team are available when the customers want to get in touch.

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